Poem Portrait of Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley is The Pornstar, a sex symbol, a classic Grace Kelly-ish beauty, a business woman, a women’s sexual liberation goddess and a believer in great love stories. She is a sex lover and an exhibitionist, and a subject of hate for some other women.

Paola met Nina while working as an editor of New York-based magazine Love Contemporary. They became friends, and at 2009 Paola started shooting short,experimental 16 mm visual vignettes of Nina. She recorded their long conversations of love, lovers, sex, porn industry and life. Paola also interviewed over 30 people in Nina’s life.

From all this material Paola has put together an experimental documentary consisting of
vignettes, other film material and the interviews as a separate audio soundtrack. Poem Portrait of Nina premiered in Kunsthalle, Helsinki in December 2016 as a part of an
exhibition Love on the Road.