Design Collaborations

Ivana Helsinki is an iconic, Scandinavian independent art, fashion, design and cinema brand, delicately merging Slavic melancholy with pure Scandinavian moods and eclectic Americana Vintage with a hint of nostalgia.

In Ivana Helsinki universe is balancing between white arctic summer nights and endless winter sadness. Eerie hovering isolation and intense starkness. Ivana Helsinki collections are like small ballads with charming, soulful and savvy tones. Ivana Helsinki started as a personal art project by Paola Ivana Suhonen and her brand was established in 1998. It is a family owned company and the family’s roots run deep in the clothing business. Paola’s father, Pentti Suhonen, has been working with fashion since the 60’s. In over 20 years, Ivana Helsinki has become one of the leading Scandinavian design houses with a recognizable design identity.

All Ivana Helsinki designs are based on Paola Suhonen’s childhood memories, her endless desire to be on the road. Her cinematic, eccentric universe blends together her love for eternal love stories, northern seasons and the cycle of light. There is always present a humble respect for nature and animals. Her memories and inspirations translate into beautiful, bold, Scandinavian heritage prints, music, multiverse designs and films that are loved all over the world.

Ivana Helsinki is the first Nordic Women´s wear fashion brand that has made it to the prestige main show calendar of Paris Fashion Week. Ivana Helsinki has cooperated with numerous Finnish and international brands, such as Uniqlo, Coca-Cola, Topshop, Anthropologie, Tokmanni, Nokia, Swarovski, Google and Carrefour.

Ivana Helsinki´s prints are loved world wide and they are seen in the most coolest Art hotel Presidentti ( 500 rooms) in Helsinki, wine bottles, stationary products, furniture, wallpapers, children’s hospital gowns, toys etc.

She has also been collaborating with Moomin and had the honor to create totally new Moomin prints and designs.