Paola Suhonen, the designer of Ivana Helsinki, has based her own design and art philosophy on the idea of taking part of the conversation and actions and ​​sharing good.

Animal rights, self-determination and the rights of the elderly are particularly close to her heart. She is also an activist of the no social media movement. She believes in a future where people meet each other in real life encounters and respect everyone's unique life, taking responsibility for themselves and things in general and thus being able to share good things forward. Paola Suhonen has participated in many charity projects, volunteering at homeless dog shelters in Romania, in a wildlife sanctuary/conservation camp in South-Africa etc.

She is also an ambassador for the World Vision organization and has done charity projects for example in several African countries and Peru. She has also done numerous design projects for various charity organizations such as Amnesty International, Cancer Association ( Finland), Salvation Army, organ donation association etc. She is also a member of Peta and Animalia ( Finnish animal rights association). She believes in Earth rights where humans are just a part of the bigger system to rule.