Ivana Helsinki House

Welcome to the home of Ivana Helsinki!

In 2018 Ivana Helsinki House opened in Eastern Helsinki. Architecturally dashing building (by architect Bertel Saarnio) contains Ivana Helsinki flagship store, design studio, Paola´s darkroom, gallery, music studio, mini motel and showroom – as well as a cute café during the summer season. House has hosted a lot of events from music gigs, cinema clubs to midsummer dance. Ivana Helsinki lives here.

Get to know the architecturally unique Finnish 70's studio house. House with light flooded windows guaranteed to charm every entrant with its serene and elegant atmosphere, making this a studio boutique a combination of “must-see” for all lovers of architecture and design.

Ps. We do also rent out our beautiful studio house- You can organize your upcoming customer event, filmshoot, photoshoot, pr event, launch party or a meeting in a magnificent studio house, whose architecture guarantees an elegant atmosphere and a memorable experience.

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