Keskiyön auringosta ikuisuuteen

Paola Suhonen's (founder of Ivana Helsinki, artist, award-winning filmmaker) new feature film "Men in the midnight sun” will be premiered in 2024.

The film is shot throughout Finland as a road movie. According to the film's director, Paola
Suhonen, it is "A film about the right to self-determination, real happiness, thei nexorability of the passage of time and a great betrayal. And also a little about love, making dreams come true and traveling on the road."

The film is filmed using an exceptional chronological technique, where the acquaintance of the main characters is followed in addition to the script in a real timeline. Casted characters and strong characters from all over Finland, as well as unique, authentic locations color the childhood-flavored adventure, filmed in the midnight sun. In the film, the past world and the future meet, creating a desire to live passionately in the here and now.

The film is shot on 16mm film and music plays a strong role in the film.


Director and screenwriter: Paola Suhonen
Producer: Olli Happonen
Executive producer: Rimbo Salomaa
Distribution: Peter Toiviainen
Photographer: Olli Koivula
Actors: Alina Tomnikov, Mikael Rautasalo, Anna-Leena Härkönen, Leo Freeman, Matti Ristinen, Kirsi Ylijoki, Sohvi Roininen, Manna Jäntti, Ninja Sarasalo, Kiia Waden, etc.
In the film, the legend Jukka Tolonen, known of his successful music career, Maiju Voutilainen and photo artist, photojournalist Meeri Koutaniemi and musician Mara Balls also make their acting debuts.