A sister is dear. The closest one to tell all your secrets. Same blood. The relationship with your sister never breaks. You can share all joys and sorrows of life with your sister. A sister never betrays. Sister loves, understands and forgives. She will always go by your side.

Or will she?

Sisters is a documentary series of ten Finnish pairs or groups of sisters. Each episode focuses on one sisterhood relationship. The series will bring out new, unseen sides of well-known public figures, when we look at them through the lens of sisterhood, in relation to their sister(s). The series is beautiful, touching and thought-provoking. The sisters talk about love, men, cheating, childhood, finding themselves, style, pressures, jealousy, death.

Sisters is humane, real, unpolished. It makes you think about your own relationship with your siblings: What is our relationship like? Are we really close? Do I know what she has had to sacrifice, what she dreams of, what is her biggest sorrow?


Siskot - Sisters was broadcast on Finnish tv channel AVA in spring 2018.

It has 10 episodes, episode duration 42 min.