Seven stories of love and love lost.

The first full-length film of Paola Suhonen has been shot during the time of seven days and seven nights in the legendary city of Marfa, in Texas USA. This small prairie town near the Mexican border is said to be the loneliest city in North America. The distance between Marfa and the next big city is longer than anywhere else in the continent.

The film is made with "True Fiction"-style, shot on 16 mm film. The story portraits the diversity of love and the way love combines possibilities and the impossible. Every interpreter has his or her own way of portraying this concept; the same emotion varies between every person in the film.

7 Heaven Love Ways is filled with legendary actors: Chip Taylor, Bartek Borowiec, Leah Singer with her children and the most famous Parisian of New York: CC.

In the spirit of True Fiction the film is partly improvised and the script is based on type casting. The characters are partially playing themselves as an autobiographical rendition. With these results the will is mixed with absurd drama.


The film was pre-premiered at Flow Festival in Helsinki 0n August 11th 2011, as an experimental show combining live music and film screening.

Chip Taylor, one of the lead characters, composed the soundtrack for the film. The legendary country star came to Finland to perform the whole soundtrack at the pre-premiere.



shoot in real locations - no soundstage

in chronological order - development of the emotional tension

long shots - silent moments

moments in time - not always typical drama structure

super wide cinematic shots - extreme close-ups

type casted personalities

art and poetry in visual storytelling

filters, nets, handcrafted cinematography work: real cinema is craft and art

some improvisation - there is a story, the treatment, but all the characters create the final story with this own charisma

shoot with real film - 8/16/35/65/70 mm

handheld, moving masters & mis-en-scenes - not coverage editing

separate music soundtrack that works with or without the visuals & sounds in set

philosophy / ideology in the story

small crews / film family / community

every shot is composed carefully like a moving photograph

mood oriented

natural light

documentary feeling with written story - true mixed with fiction

the trip is meaningful - not only the result

green film making - not disposable - no waste of human resources

road movies & love stories - that's what life is all about

visually stunning, meaningful, emotionally remarkable, true beauty

absurd, melodramatic, camp mixture of true and scripted fiction


- Paola Suhonen, 2011 -