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Our newest favorite Finnish band Lone Deer Laredo are a revelation, in that they somehow manage to sound soulfully Scandinavian, and yet hauntingly Lynchian at once.
—The dreamy duo is comprised of New Silver Girl’s Olli Happonen, and ethereal vocalist Paola Suhonen, founder of fashion house Ivana Helsinki.
—Intringuingly enigmatic video for their wistfully beautiful new single ‘Golden Harvest
— BlackBook Premiere (Adam Pollock)
Music goes visual poetry with @lonedeerlaredo’s new vinyl album cover magazine
— Imperfect Fifth
The beauty of spring is offered up in this beautiful song (the video is also breathtaking).
—[Paola Suhonen and Olli Happonen] offer up a sound that is unique, almost sounding Muse-like, but with a heavier bass and drum rolls that keep the song from drifting too far out of your reach. This is dreampop for spring.
— Audiofuzz (Phil King)
Life brought these two together to make this wonderful new project known as “Vol. 1/7”.
— Desertofmyeye (Ana Pao)
Lone Deer Laredo just released their debut self-titled album — and it’s a good one, with sweet, commanding vocals accentuating twangy guitar riffs.
It’s music perfect for carefree rides through the long plains or daydreams on the grass when bison roam under blue skies and wispy clouds.
— Newswhistle (Dan Kadison)
Formed out of a shared passion for experimental art, fashion, photography and classic songwriting, Finnish folk duo LONE DEER LAREDO present their passions with loveland ballads, songs of the solitude, melodies from the dark magic forests, light cotton fields, and the enchanting charm of the highways.
—Recorded with legendary producer Brad Jones in Nashville with musicians including Chris Carmichael and Jim Joke, Laredo (Vol.1) accentuates the couple’s intimate bond with its artistic and delicate nature of Slavic-Scandinavian imagery and Americana-tinted road trip vibes.
— Broadwayworld
Biisijoukon hitikkäintä laitaa edustaa puhdas rakkauslaulu True Light of Mine, jonka päämelodia on silkkaa kultasadetta ja muoto hipoo täydellisyyttä. Toinen avainkohta on kiistatta muusta materiaalista ulkorajoillaan erottuva Silver World, sekä Suhosen kirjoittama ja Rauli ”Badding” Somerjoen muistolle omistettu Stars, Stars, Ligths and Paradise, joka kertoo samalla paljon musiikillisista vaikutteista.

Taustoihinsa nähden hieman kuivasti nimetty Vol. 1 on vavahduttava tuttavuus, joka muistuttaa ajoista jolloin albumikokonaisuudet olivat nimenomaan kokonaisuuksia.
— Desibeli (Mika Roth)

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folk duo

Paola Suhonen and Olli Happonen

Paola spent her childhood wearing Laredo jeans by his father’s factory, dreaming of the red-haired raspberry boy and endless road trips. Olli listened through his big brother’s rock’n’roll albums, had a close deer friend living in a forest and knew that Paola existed there somewhere. 

Many years had to go by, so much vague longing to endure, miles to pass and seasons to flow, until those who once knew each other were finally rejoined.

While waiting Paola directed her feature films, wrote children´s books and founded Ivana Helsinki. During the years Ivana Helsinki became the most recognized Scandinavian Art and Design house. In the meanwhile Olli has been working with producer Gordon Raphael on a Rock Band mission, New Silver Girl. 

Olli and Paola met and out of this encounter, the very next day, in the summer of 2016,  Lone Deer Laredo folk duo was born.

The Jeans Factory girl met the boy of the Capricorn highways. 


Upcoming performances

7.-8.9. Live at Heart, Örebro, Sweden

14.9.2019 Flacon Design Factory, Moscow, Russia


The artistic, subtle and delicate music based on classic songwriting combines elements from slavic-scandinavian imagery and americana-tinted road trip moments. Visuality plays an important role in the duo’s musical-filmographic universe.

Lone Deer Laredo is all about loveland ballads, songs of the solitude, melodies from the dark magic forests, light cotton fields, and the enchanting charm of the highways. Once wounded days of the lonely ones, powerful stories of conquests and the endless curiosity of the adventurers all come together in the songs.

Lone Deer Laredo has played their visually acclaimed boutique gigs at several venues in Finland, Japan, Europe and New York. Their universe has been compared to a moment where “David Lynch, Aki Kaurismäki and Björk meets. It´s a summer night union of Nancy Sinatra and Gram Parsons”.

Lone Deer Laredo performed three special shows at SxSW 2018 festival in Austin, USA.

They recorded their first Album, vol.1 (out of series of 7) In Nashville, Tennessee in December 2018 with legendary producer Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Dolly Parton etc.). 

Lone Deer Laredo worked on their first album with musicians like Chris Carmichael (Lionel Richie, Taylor Swift) and Jim Hoke (Emmylou Harris, Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, The Beach Boys, Joan Baez).

The album will be released by Ivana Helsinki Records in March 2019.




Lone Deer Laredo: VOL. 1 album now in stores!