Erikoiskoira Affe

Affe the special dog children’s book series is written by Paola and Pirjo Suhonen.

Erikoiskoira Affe -books show their creativity in a new and bold way – a timeless new children’s story.

Pirjo loves telling stories to her daughter, and the Affe series spun from her desire to document realistic events throughan imaginative lens. You can find the real life connection with each turn in the plot – Affe was actually Paola’s dear and beloved dog.

Illustrator Maija Mero has a degree in clothing design and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in fashion at Aalto University in Helsinki. She has created illustrations for the Affe books following Paola Suhonen’s artistic lead. Fresh visual style and warm story with a hint of reality are the key aspects of Affe the Adventure Dog. 

Twins Arttu and Kerttu are observant and imaginative four-year-olds: Kerttu loves remote controls, playing the recorder and splashing in puddles. Arttu loves to blow bubbles, play memory games and knit.

Together with Affe,a rescue dog who loves Manchego cheese and walks in the rain, Arttu and Kerttu take a reader on seasonal adventures set in a familiar world. In the opening entry to a four-part series they head to the northernmost and sparsely inhabited part of Finland, above the Arctic Circle, with their bohemianaunt Pirkko.